How to request your medication

Requests can be made in person, via fax, or in writing or online through NHSAPP. We also offer an online repeat prescription service NHSAPP. Visit our online services page for information about this service 

You can either tick the necessary items from the checklist on the right hand side of your last prescription or supply a letter with your name, date of birth, address and required medication or complete a medication request form in the surgery. We are unable to take repeat prescription requests over the telephone.

Notice Period

Prescriptions requested are normally ready for collection within 48 hours. The time we take to prepare your prescription allows the doctor adequate time to check your request and review your medication where appropriate. We believe this system ensures a high standard of care. Please avoid asking staff to process your request any quicker.

How the notice period for a repeat prescription works:


Prescription Requested Available for Collection

Monday         - Before 2pm  
                     - After 2pm

Wednesday   - After 4pm  
Thursday       - After 4pm

Tuesday        - Before 2pm  
                    - After 2pm

Thursday       - After 4pm   
Friday           - After 4pm

Wednesday   - Before 2pm  
                    - After 2pm

Friday           - After 4pm   
Monday         - After 4pm

Thursday       - Before 2pm  
                    - After 2pm

Monday         - After 4pm  
Tuesday        - After 4pm

Friday           - Before 2pm  
                    - After 2pm

Tuesday        - After 4pm   
Wednesday   - After 4pm


Expired authorisation of prescribed medicines

For your safety and care we require that you are seen by the GP at least every year to review your medication. Please look out for the message on the right hand side of your script and ensure that you make an appointment prior to the review date. If you have not been reviewed delays may result in being able to get your prescription. When you see the doctor he/she will usually be happy to give a prescription during the consultation. But, due to time constraints please do not request repeat prescriptions for other members of your family and your consultation they should be requested in the normal way.

Medication request for medication not on repeat

If you require further supplies of medicine which may have been prescribed in the past but is not currently authorised to issue can be requested in person with a medication request form available from our reception. Please allow a notice period equivalent to that for a repeat prescriptions for collection The prescription will be issued provided that the doctor is willing to prescribe the item requested without seeing the patient. Certain drugs will not be issued without patient being seen by the GP

Medication after discharge from hospital

If you require medication after discharge from hospital please ensure that we have 72 hours to process your request. Please submit the discharge summary with details of changes of medications that you require.


You can pick up your prescription, after the notice period, in person or have it posted to you if you have supplied a stamped addressed envelope (please allow 7 days for receipt).Depending on your written requirement, your prescription can also be forwarded to the pharmacy of your choice from the specified in agreed list (you may add up to 24 hours to pick up time). If somebody other than you (or a nominated carer) is picking up a prescription for you, we will need written authorisation from you before its release

A detailed information leaflet on repeat prescribing procedures is available from reception.